Life Choices and Planning for Maximum Success

I recently wrote a paper about my personal choices. It impressed me enough to share a modified version of the instructions here so that others can take advantage of the planning and thoughts that comprise it for maximum success and planning in their own lives. The “Choices” paper I wrote was to be about where you are now and where you intend to go over the next five years or so. Every principle is as relevant for an individual, a family or an organization, or society to consider since its application is towards setting its course for the future.  Read on for a helpful way to plan for your future success!


Examine your internal value system. Look over the following sample list of values and add the other values that occur to you during the process, and then select the top three to five values that you believe to be most important in your life. Write them down and prioritize them. For each one, write an explanation with examples. Sample List: Honesty, Adventure, Learning, Love, Family, Spirituality, Creativity, Independence, Security, Honor, Safety, Responsibility, Conformity, Diversity, Respect, Laughter, Ecology, Friendship, Exploration, Serenity, Nature, Are, Accomplishment, Success, Discipline, Service, Possessions, Achievement, Tradition, Beauty, Contribution, Truth, Travel, Dedication, Humility, Recognition, Diversity, Imagination


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Each of us, based on our values and experiences, have an internal set of “rules” which determine our behavior and our perception of the world. We tend to judge ourselves and the world based on these “laws”. Identify at least five such “laws” that you hold to be true. This will further clarify to yourself how you intend to operate in the “economic” world of choices. It may also help remove some of the ambiguity and difficulty you face in your choices. This introspective process lays the groundwork for the next section.


Take some time to envision yourself approximately five years in the future. In this part, describe as carefully and colorfully, in as much detail as possible what you imagine your life to be like at this point in the future. This may include many elements of your lifestyle, relationships, work environment and type of work, and “free time” activities. Think big, expansive, unlimited. In your mind, reach your full potential. The more graphic your vision of this future, the more powerful it will be in helping you in your later choices.


Describe the four to seven goals you must achieve in the near future to make your vision a reality. These might include a college degree, fluency in a foreign language, an internship, other specific work experience, or other measures. List and briefly explain each of your goals and assign a timeline for when you intend to reach them.


Each goal requires a carefully constructed plan for its achievement. Construct the “plan” for one or more of your goals. As you list them, think in terms of “quarters” so as to break them down into bite sized pieces. Plans are essential in ensuring we don’t overlook or forget important considerations. In finding out what you have to do, you are well along the way to getting it done.


Evaluate how you do and how you should spend your time outside of your classes or job. This is some of the most valuable time in your life, with special and unique opportunities. It is so important to recognize that the use of one of your scarcest resources -time- will determine your happiness throughout your life. In today’s world, if you are not continually learning and adding to your storage bank of knowledge, skills, and abilities you are probably falling behind. If there is a single leverage point in your life with tremendous potential, it is in how you spend your time. (Thanks to R. Strickland, Professor, for this assignment.)

I hope these ideas have added to your creative thinking and will assist you in a plan of action for your future success! Let me know your thoughts in your comments and press the ‘like’ button and tweet it if it has helped you! Make it a great day!

To Your Success,