Managing Challenges Successfully

Have you ever noticed how, when you think you have learned how to get through a challenge or obstacle, it shows up again like a nightmare to test you? Just when you think, “I got it!”, you realize you really DON’T “have it”. This reality of life rears it’s truth to me over and over again. How do you handle this type of situation? What is your response?

I am a woman of strong faith. I am not judgmental if you are not; however, I will share how I handle situations that come up in my life from my perspective. I have personally walked through (and continue to walk through) some extremely challenging situations. There have been times when I wasn’t sure if I could get through it intact. To date, it appears as though I’m still in one piece, and stronger at that! 🙂 If what I share helps you to become stronger, I have accomplished my intention.

1) Don’t try to control the uncontrollable. That means people, situations, outcomes, factors. You may as well beat your head against a wall as to try to control anything or anybody else but YOU and your RESPONSES. These are the only factors that can be controlled.
2) Be prepared. If you need to study for that test, study; if you have a huge project at work or in your business, get it done one step at a time; if you have to prepare for a legal action, get your notes together. Just do it, putting one foot in front of the other. Thinking about it and procrastinating will make a bigger mountain out of a smaller mountain or a molehill, whatever the case may be.
3) Gain or keep perspective. When we are caught up in the middle of a challenge or a ‘storm’ in our lives, it is so easy to lose sight of what or Who we should be focusing on. As a woman of faith, I will refer to God as being in the ‘eye of the hurricane’ in the middle of a storm. He is the place of calm, of comfort, of rest as the winds are howling around us. It is in looking to Him by talking to Him (prayer), listening to music focused on His goodness, and reading His words to us (the Bible) that I remember Who is really in control.
4) Spend time around people who support and encourage you. Having even just a few friends who are faithful, fun, and love you make ALL the difference in your world. It is amazing how my own friends have come through for me and helped me by just being available, listening to me, and spending time with me. Faithful friends help you to see the bigger picture and offer you the hope that you need to get through just that present hour, sometimes. Be sure to return the blessing by being a faithful friend back at them.
5) Journal your experiences throughout your life. It is too easy to forget all that you have learned and how you dealt with a situation that was either successful or needed some work for a better outcome. Our experiences can help others who will most likely have to walk in the same or similar path one day. It is good to view our experiences as education and information to help others who still have to learn the lessons associated with that challenge.
6) Focus on the positives in your life. By counting our blessings and having the right attitude, the unpleasant little things that crop up daily will be inconsequential and the bigger things will not seem so ginormous! Things can always be worse. It has been said that in a group of people, if everybody wrote their top three problems on a sheet of paper, put them in a basket, and then picked another one at random; nobody would want to swap problems because suddenly their own problems seem less daunting.
7) Keep moving forward. Once the worst of your challenge is over and you can breathe again, keep moving. Resist the temptation to dwell in the shadow of what you have just overcome. Regain focus on something positive and move forward. The world needs you to fulfill your calling in life and others are waiting for you to share your talents and knowledge with them! Press on to the goal of your higher calling!

I hope you are left with some things to ponder and that you will remember these tips the next time you are facing a challenge in your life. I would love to hear if what I have shared has made a difference to you. Comment below and share this with your friends! You are much appreciated!

Be Encouraged,