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Hi, I’m Lisa Zagnoli, and I am passionate about helping and encouraging women to experience their greatest potential in life. When you are ready, I will lock arms with you in your pursuit of success. My goal is simple – to inspire, teach and guide you into living in a constant state of persistent¬†positive action to fulfill your greatest personal hopes and ambitions.

If you are a woman and do not feel that you are experiencing your fullest potential in life, in relationships, or in your career or business pursuits, I believe that I can help you. The first step is often the most difficult, so I will make it very easy for you.

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This sometimes fun, sometimes serious, often inspirational, and all the time helpful series is FREE to you as my investment into your success in life. Leave me you name and email address so that you can begin benefitting from this series along with others who enjoy learning and being encouraged in family, business, and in life.

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6 thoughts on “Meet Lisa Zagnoli”

  1. Good web site! I really love the content. it’s well written. I can see that i have a lot to learn. I’m wondering how I could be notified whenever a new post has been made. Do you have a newsletter?

  2. You are an inspiration for Godly living and a great mentor just from your website. God bless you all your ways.

  3. I have been to so many ‘coaching sites’ where the person really was more hype than anything else, but when I googled for coaching and found your website there was something very different and very ‘real’ that attracted me to you and all that you offer. Do you have a newsletter that you send out. I would very much like to subscribe to it. very Nice blog.

  4. Thanks for all the inspiration and encouragement through your Webstie. I don’t usually leave comments but wanted to tell you that you really are a great coach and encourager.

  5. I would like to talk with you about your services. I am friends with David Tatum and saw your Facebook link to your site. I need help launching two products. I would def like to talk to you and hopefully I can afford ya, lol. Ok have a good day!

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