Are You an Overcomer in Success AND Failure?

Those of us who enjoy trying new things have most likely failed and failed miserably on at least one or two of those attempts. After all if we, in wanting to be an overcomer, don’t experience failure, how can we experience success? It is from overcoming inertia and trying NEW things (i.e. NOT the same OLD ones we do when stuck in a rut) that we experience success or failure.  Any entrepreneur, overcomer, or adventurous person will tell you that part of the excitement experienced in their ventures is attempting the unknown and then seeing the results of it.

As exciting as it can be when something new attempted is successful, it is all too tempting to allow self-doubt and fear to creep into our thinking when something we try to make fly launches like a lead balloon.  We second guess ourselves and our abilities, maybe even our intellect, when our first try doesn’t go as well as we had hoped. After all, our self confidence may get knocked down a couple notches when we find out that things are harder than they seemed.  It’s interesting how that seems to be the case with most things that are new to us!  From the words of a wise man named Solomon, there is nothing new under the sun. It is true that the more we experience and learn, the more we realize we don’t know and NEED to experience and learn!  It is never too late to try something new, or to give something another try when it was a failure the first time.

On a personal note, the first time I attended college at the University level I failed miserably.  I can attribute it to immaturity, lack of focus, (fill in the blank), but the fact remains that I chose to not do what was needed to be successful at a University at that time in my life.  Guess what?  After living life for a while, I am back in school and determined to be a success this time around!  You see, you can really do ANYTHING you set your mind to do!  It is in your attitude, time management and work ethic that the decision is made to be a success or a failure.  Do I ever have “bad” days when my attitude or work level is not where it needs to be concerning a difficult class or a difficult situation? Of course! But eventually I remind myself to see the big picture and to keep pressing on to the mark of my higher calling and BELIEVE it will happen and keep challenging myself to have an attitude that is continually learning and growing.

An important fact to keep in mind: THINGS are what fail NOT people.  People may take their failures personally and own them when the best thing to do is to learn from them, shake them off, and move forward.  Our attitude, thinking, beliefs, and actions are what define us in this life.  We can choose to have “stinking thinking” when something we tried flops or we can choose to be “more than overcomers” and dig in to give it another try.  It is totally up to us.

What is one thing that YOU want to see succeed in your life?  Share your thoughts and comments with me below and share this post with others!  Thanks and make it a GREAT day!

To Your Success,