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I have been in professional sales for over the last 20 years now. As most who have been in professional sales for a substantial time, I have learned a great deal about people, what makes them the way they are, and how to help bring out the best in them to achieve their fullest potential. I have also had the great fortune to be mentored by successful entrepreneurs and Internet marketing professionals, and from this have been able to apply all of my knowledge and expertise not only in my own personal and business goals, but also in helping others to learn and apply the same success principles to their own lives and financial goals.

As an personal and business coach, I have discovered that using technology and the Internet as tools for conducting business is really no different than real world, face to face, relationship building and marketing. It allows an individual to reach far more people than any brick and mortar business can at a fraction of the cost, and provides for a very inexpensive way for just about anyone with Internet access to be earn a living online once they have the training to do so.

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