Why Use Me


Here is why working with me is worth your consideration:

1)  My Coaching is Affordable – I understand the realities of our world’s present economic crisis. Most everyone is struggling financially. I am able to offer highly productive and personalized coaching at extremely reasonable prices.

2)  I Customize Your Success Plan – I do not use the cookie cutter approach to coaching as many coaching services do. I work with every coaching client to get a full understanding of their present situation. Discovering your strengths, your weaknesses, every opportunity that is foreseeable, and every potential threat to your success is foundational in my coaching format. Once we discover these things, I work with you to develop a success plan that is right and reasonable for you based on your personal needs and/or career goals.

3)  Your Choices are not Limited – Building your success is not something that happens overnight. In this ‘quick fix mentality’ culture, far too many people look for quick fixes to their problems through ways and means that ultimately burn important bridges in their lives, alienate potential success advocates, and jeopardize their future success by damaging their personal brand in the pursuit of what ultimately is seen as a selfish end or outcome. I help you avoid this sort of flawed thinking, and have a wealth of possibilities to help you achieve what you most need in your life or the life of your company in order to be successful.

4)  I Do Not Work Alone – The saying, ‘No man (woman either) is an island,” is as true a statement as could ever be when it comes to being successful in life – whether it is in relationships or in business. I draw on a wealth of talent and expertise that brings the knowledge, advice, and experience necessary to help every client succeed in their quest for success. I am able to provide the added benefit of the combined personal and business success of mentors and business professionals who specialize in areas of expertise that are often needed for personal, business, or organizational success; and every client relationship is the recipient of this expertise.

5)  Long Term Commitment – I love relationship building. My goal in helping you is NOT to send you off on your own to sink or swim with all that I teach you, but rather to provide you a boat, the paddles, and the crew to help you get to where you are going successfully. I am a strong advocate for helping my clients develop lasting alliances with the right people to help them in their success. Whether it is through Webinars, email, or phone consultations, the offerings available through my teaching and mentoring services are priced for just about anyone who recognizes the value of investing in themselves and their future. I see my relationship with you as long term, and my ultimate goal is to build a life long friendship with the women that I work with.My goal is to partner with you in your success in whatever way possible in order to help you get to where you want to be, and stick with you until you get there.

6)  I Believe in Empowerment – It is not about guiding you as much as it is in that of empowering you with the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom (your ability to apply knowledge and understanding). Everyone wants to live purpose-filled, abundantly rich, joyously happy lives, but all too often we find ways to shipwreck these goals. Our empowerment principles are as ancient as any success principles of mankind, and my goal through Lisa Zagnoli Coaching is to empower you with those principles so that you do not ’shoot yourself in the foot’ in your attempt to succeed. I want you to know how to take control of your life, your circumstances, and your future; and do it in a way that blesses all of those around you. Healthy lifestyle + healthy attitudes + healthy choices + wise decisions + opportunity = Empowerment to succeed in every meaningful way.

7)  I Love to Spread the Wealth – Like I said earlier, I love relationship building. One of the ways I build relationships is to help those I coach to begin helping others in their success as well. The best way to reinforce what you learn is to teach. By pouring what you have learned into the lives of others, you become better, more confident, and more successful in the process. And, let’s face it. You can’t add anything more to a full cup. If you want to grow, you must pour out what you learn onto the lives of others, whether it is new knowledge, new understanding, or new opportunity.

As you begin to apply what you have learned, I will work with you and teach you how to teach others through my Webinar training seminars. Those who work with me can earn between a substantial amount of income by being instructors and tutors through my webinars.

With this opportunity to help others, I am excited to provide every student that is ready to take it to the next level with the opportunity to profit handsomely in sharing of the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom they have gained through their personal experience as well as through their training with Lisa Zagnoli Coaching.

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